We believe face-to-face trade fairs are still the first choice for personal customer contact and for acquiring new customers, but…

… in the current situation we have to rely on a diverse and balanced communication mix.




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Traditional face-to-face!

Only a traditional, ‘analogue’ stand at a trade fair will enable you to reach your customers personally in the long term, because it lends a face to your products and services. A certified hygiene concept and personnel training guarantee the essential security and safety for you and your customers. On request, we can even ensure a climate-neutral and resource-saving trade fair attendance!

Book your stand with a limited trade fair and ensure a strong brand presence, and expand both with digital communication.


Pick-up rate
Visitor flows
Length of stay

Obtain a constantly updated overview of your trade fair presence on site with the help of our visitor flow analyses.

Transfer presentations and live meetings directly into your virtual environment to make sure you reach customers who were unable to attend the event.

AR, VR and gesture control help create an extra source of information locally and digitally.

Digital face-to-face?

Digital face-to-face networks all the communication interfaces and structures between you and your customers. Internationally and in real time.

Digital showroom

Unlimited run time through updates.

Hygiene concept

QR code
In-house trade fair
Trade fair presence

Education and training

Live chat
Live stream
VIP lounge
Press conference

Performance monitoring

Social media
Google Analytics
Lead Forensics

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Take advantage of the opportunities in the following areas:

Trade fair presence | Showroom@home or @damböck | Roadshow | In-house fair

We design your virtual environment, from the marketplace for sustainable product presentation to the digital backdrop to your products at the trade fair, roadshow or @home.







Live broadcasts can be streamed directly into the trade fair or the virtual environment in front of a green screen from our studio near the Messe München or from your own showroom. Our competence team will help you develop the right communication for your brand to your customers via mailouts, newsletters or our in-house speciality. Specifically designed for your needs at all times.

We support your corporate design for digital communication during the live chat. We create digital packages that are adapted to the individual requirement of our clients. We also provide technical support so your employees are never alone!

Face-to-face @home!

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Give your showroom a makeover! If you don’t have a showroom, we can provide the right design, style and implementation. Use the green screen for press conferences, customer training courses or product presentations on site.

We organise in-house trade fairs at your premises or at our venue. Book 1,500 m² of air-conditioned exhibition space and 850 m² of conference space for you or your suppliers, at all times in compliance with the current hygiene regulations (for more details, please visit hygieneschutz-bayern.de). Separate meeting rooms and roof terraces are also available. Or why not surprise your customers with some amazing roadshows!

Ulrich Grabienski

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Strategy and Vision

Nils Herfeldt

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Digital Services, Project Management, Implementation

Simon Damböck

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Hygiene Regulations, Overhead, Performance Monitoring

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Digital Services, Project Management, Implementation